A few years ago, I watched a Ted talk by Justin Baldoni,  the actor from Jane The Virgin. I was so impressed as he shared his effort to reconcile his masculinity to align with who he is instead of what society tells him a man should be.

I started following Justin on Instagram and found out about The Man Enough, a podcast he hosts with Liz Plank and Jamey Heath.

I’m fascinated by how Justin and the team break down what it means to be a man. Thanks to them, I understand how certain societal norms around masculinity affect men and the world in various ways. Toxic masculinity also damages the environment along with society. 

Guests on the show talk about what it is like to navigate a world that celebrates traditional roles and traits of masculinity. They speak about the stigma around men being “manly enough”. It is a beautiful platform for these guests to be vulnerable in public view.

If you’ve just begun to learn how patriarchy and toxic masculinity harms us all, The Man Enough podcast is a great place to start. If you’re a visual person, watch it on YouTube.


P.S. Be the star you are and tell your friends about Just One Thing if you haven’t already.