Tell me true: have you ever heard the word perchance and not immediately jumped to the quote in today’s subject? Statistically proven impossible to not, especially for English majors and Tharoors everywhere. For anyone who has read Hamlet, uttering that “to be or not to be” line is a reflex. A biological imperative, in fact. Kind of like the Pavlovian thud-thud-thump, thud-thud-thump drumming on the nearest hard surface when Queen’s We Will Rock You plays within hearing range.

But Freddie, and Queen, were unique and inimitable. Nobody has the tools to turn you into, even Rami Malek.

Today though, I might be able to help you become the next Shakespeare.

Not with an AI text generator, although AI is involved, but instead, with two things: your imagination and Perchance.

What is Perchance? A random text generator. But not just any old random text generator. It allows you to create your own generator, using your syntax even, and share it with whomever you want.

While playing around with Perchance, though, I realised with just a little bit of imagination, you can actually write a whole book. Maybe page by page. Maybe chapter by chapter. But it is possible. And if you have a vocabulary like Shashi Tharoor’s, you might even churn out a bombastic bit of prose.

I haven’t written one yet, but I’m just waiting for the weekend to play with Perchance some more. So if you have time today, why not make a headstart? And if you do write a blockbuster, some of the royalties come to me, okay?



PS: Know a budding Shakespeare in your kith and kin? Forward Just One Thing onwards to them, and thou shalt be blessed.