Have you burst a gazillion crackers this festive season already? And with more festivals all the way till December, are you ready to burst a gazillion crackers more?

Anyway, you should check out some of the reporting at Grist while you’re at it. Eh, what is Grist, you ask? Only the place with some of the most precious reporting on climate change and its impact on global communities. 

But today’s Just One Thing is not about Grist. It is about Fix. Eh, what is Fix, you ask? Only Grist’s lab, where they hope to teach you a thing or two about climate change and what it holds for us in the future.

Honestly, though, today’s post is, strictly speaking, not about Fix, either. Well, what is it about then, you ask? It is about one (or two, actually) issues of Fix’s digital magazine. The first one and the most recent one

They are both related. Like Prequel and Sequel. Shot and Chaser. Gin and Tonic. Omar and Sharif. And they’re both about climate fiction or cli-fi, if you will.

In the inaugural issue, Fix launched a short story contest called Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors, inviting participants to paint a vision of the next 180 years of climate progress.

And the stories make for spectacular reading. Equally impressive is the diversity in the body of writers writing the stories. 

I don’t really want to add much more to this post. I believe you should read these stories and arrive at your own destinations through them – last year’s collection and this year’s.

Go ahead. Read one. Read them all. Share with friends, family and anybody else you may want to. See which one resonates the most with your vision for 2200.



PS: While you’re out there sharing stories, please also share Just One Thing. We’d like our Baby to see the year 2200 too, whether we make it there or not.