A few years ago, my now not-so-tiny human and I watched a movie in which a much-loved family pup almost got run over by a car.

It was an age-appropriate movie; even Common Sense thought so. But the look of indignant horror on her delicious face when the pup almost gave up the ghost. “Look, I can’t watch these movies where puppies almost get run over by cars. I like happy movies.” 

You’ve probably had at least a couple of these moments – on date night or during family movie night – that suddenly throw up an unexpected emotional trigger the preview didn’t prepare you for. Or that book that sucker punched you when you least expected it.

So who do you turn to for a heads up?

Does the Dog Die?

This site was created by John Whipple for his sister, who hated that screenwriters would kill dogs to heighten viewer emotion and wanted none of it. It crowdsources emotional spoilers so people can warn each other about upsetting scenes in movies, TV shows, and books. This way, people can avoid scenes that will upset them and ruin their experience.

So if you’re watching a movie this weekend and want to know if the pooch goes to heaven, you know what to do.


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