Happy Diwali! Hope you’re having fun with your friends and family, gorging on scrumptious food and making merry wherever you are.

But if you thought this was a celebratory post, I must burst your bubble. I’m here to be the neighbourhood grump complaining about those devilish explosive irritants seemingly ‘sensible’ people use as expressions of joy (why? how?).

Firecrackers may make pretty pictures in the sky, but they are loud, vile, fiendish, and polluting things. The vast majority of firecrackers contain harmful chemicals like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and heavy metals. These toxic chemicals are released into the air when they’re set off.

Not good for you. Not good for your poor frightened pets. Not good for our planet.

If you plan to burst any, check out the AQI (Air Quality Index) where you live first. Then pack those firecrackers away and have a bubbly Diwali instead. 


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