It’s almost bedtime. You’ve avoided your devices for the past 2 hours. You’ve brewed yourself a cup of chamomile tea, hoping it will work its magic like the Internet claims.

20 minutes of lying in bed, but your mind won’t power down.

If you are a compulsive overthinker and troubled sleeper, like me, bring one of those devices back.

No, this is not a recommendation to text or doom scroll. Instead, listen to Wikipedia.

The pitch of each note corresponds to the size of a Wikipedia edit. New registrations, additions and subtractions all produce different sounds that overlap to create soothing ambient music that transports me to a calmer place. This website has gotten me through much overthinking and last-minute assignment anxiety.

This isn’t the only web project of its kind, though. For every Bitcoin transaction, this one creates audio and visual in real-time. You can change instruments and pitch to create the soundscape you like!

Give lofi girl the break she deserves. Try these soothing atmospherics for your next study/siesta session (hopefully, they’re not happening at the same time). 


P.S. If this gets you calmly past your next deadline, send Just One Thing to friends, classmates or colleagues who could use a dose of calm.