My first reaction as I read Proiti’s post about her struggles with journaling was “Hah”, followed by a really undignified snort. If we lived in the same city, I would have asked her out, bought her her favourite beverage in the largest size they had available, sat her down and whispered, “been there”.

Journaling was the albatross around my neck until I found Lynda Barry‘s four-square method of documenting your day. Lynda is the creator of the comics ‘Ernie Pook’s Comeek’ and ‘What It Is’. Her work often deals with the struggles of growing up and the difficulties of adolescence. Her comics are poignant and funny, and thought-provoking. But she also teaches a creative writing class and her book ‘Syllabus’ is one of my “grab in case of fire or doomsday” possessions. But that’s a Thing for another day.

Back to square one.

And who better to explain it all than Lynda herself.

Her method is also incredibly useful for analysing something you have read or watched or even a new work project with several moving pieces. It allows you to scratch far beyond the surface with your subconscious mind than you thought possible.

Here’s my entry for yesterday, in case you’re interested (and even if you’re not).

And a picture of *very* stoned Cat.

Muchest love,


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