This a short post today because, guess what – I’m actually on the road for the first time in 30 months. Yay!

But today’s post isn’t particularly sweet.

With the FIFA men’s World Cup coming up, a recent comment by former Qatar football player and ambassador for this year’s event, Khalid Salman, about homosexuality being “damage in the mind” should’ve sparked way more outrage than it did. All we got from FIFA? Crickets.

Sadly, homophobia is still rampant and still widely accepted. How rampant? No Homophobes will tell you. This site scrapes Twitter and displays the number of times a tweet includes a homophobic word. Its purpose is to highlight the usage of homophobic language within everyday conversations. 

And if you think homophobia is a thing of the past, you really should see this.



PS: Yup, please do share. Education is still very important.