I found this one quite by accident. I was looking for a specific book for a project I’m working on and this intriguing little search result with the magic words “weird old books” called out to me. Three of my favourite things in one sentence:

  1. Weird
  2. Old
  3. Books

What largesse!
What munificence!
What extravagance!

Weird Old Books Finder is a search engine with a fairly simple premise. You type in a query, and the app sends it to Google Books and filters the results for pre-1927 public domain, picks one at random and displays it to you.

Clive Thompson, the creator uses it to rewild his attention. To find truly interesting ideas, he says, you must step away from the algorithmic feeds of big tech. Took the words right out of our typing fingers, Clive did. 

Pretty much why we put our hearts into sending you Just One Thing every day. 

Go on and give it a try. If only to read a random book from an era gone by. 

Have the best weekend.


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