If you like zombie movies as I do, you’ll know that cardio is an epic first rule. Have you watched Zombieland, by the way? It is one of my favourite zombie movies of all time – great casting, brilliant lines and really kinetic zombies.

Which brings me to my Just One Thing for today – Zombie Passions, the dating site of choice for zombies, zombie lovers and anybody in a dead-end job. Whether it is a toxic spill that turned you into a zombie or a mutated virus, you’re sure to find your one true love here. Or 3/4ths of it, at least. 

So bookmark this site for when the world goes full Apocalypto on us. Tinder or Bumble may not be as accommodating when you turn. Swipe right and find that special someone to share a delicious bowl of brains with.



PS: You may think you don’t know any zombies. But send this onward, and you may be surprised.