Let’s begin with a little exercise. 

Imagine your fifth-grade English teacher appears at your doorstep and gives you an assignment. You were just about to leave for work, but you are paralysed by the sternness in her eyes, and something inside you regresses to the 10-year-old you once were. 

This is the assignment:

Write believable news headlines about what AI will be capable of in 20 years. 

You have 10 minutes. She’s right there with a stopwatch and her glare. You have to make stuff up but it has to sound believable. Gah!

What would you write? 

Here’s what I came up with:

“Rosie the Robot strikes back.”

“Is your home smarter than you?” 

“Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI.”

If these headlines did appear in the ’00s, they would have been scoffed at. But in an age of Roombas and Alexa, smart homes and dancing robots, not so much. Except maybe for Norman.

AI continues to develop at lightning speed, and sensational science fiction headlines today will likely not even turn heads in another 20 years. 

Go check out Futurepedia, a database of AI tools, updated daily. 
This AI knows everything humanity knows about the universe. Let that sink in. 
This one can create realistic images based on text inputs. 
With this one, you can instantly make videos with real actors and get them to say whatever you want. 
Scary right? 

Maybe not as scary as your fifth-grade teacher suddenly showing up in your future with a random assignment. Hah. 


P.S. I’ve got an assignment for you: share Just One Thing with everyone you know. Full marks are guaranteed (if you do the thing).