Do you think you’re a graceless dancer? Or that your paintings would make Dali turn in his grave? Ever burst into song, but your friends told you to turn the croaks down a notch?

No? Congratulations, you’re an artist!

But if you’re like the rest of us ordinary folk, you could still be an artist!

A few days ago, Proiti introduced you to this artificially intelligent friend who can help you turn words into visual art.

If you’re keen to do more of the work yourself, though, this project is pretty neat. It does its magic on a vector-based input – your scribbles – to make drawings I know I am otherwise incapable of producing.

Maybe you fancy a little dancing? Don’t bother with those two left feet of yours. Get help from these dancers instead. Or perhaps this AI experiment to create something more abstract.

And if music is your thing, but the people around you disagree, you’ll get by with a bit of help from these friends. And here, you can learn a thing or two while making music with a sum total of zero instruments or experience. So the next time someone lends you their ears, sing them a song and try not to sing out of key.

You’re welcome!


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