If there’s any fictitious character I’m like, it’s probably Chidi from “The Good Place”. If you’ve watched the show, you’re probably already chuckling at my indecisive personality. If you haven’t, I’d like to introduce you to the guy.

Chidi Anagonye is a professor of ethics and moral philosophy. As you may have guessed, he looks at everything from a, well, ethical and moral perspective. Doesn’t matter what the problem is – what to say at a friend’s wedding, whether to tell his colleague that his new boots don’t look as good as he thinks, or which frozen yoghurt flavour to choose. Almost always, his analysis runs into paralysis.

Chidi’s a classic overthinker. And hardly any good ever comes out of all this excessive thinking.

You probably don’t think you’re anything like Chidi. But you probably have struggled with choosing at some point.

Turns out you can rely on more than philosophers or overthinking minds to make a good decision. Sometimes math helps too.

Chidi or not, this game will give you something to ponder. Trust. Communication. Your co-worker’s personality. Rock-paper-scissors.

Let this introduction to game theory help you become more strategic in your decision-making. When it works for you, that’s its own reward. And when it doesn’t, at least it’ll help you be more forgiving – towards yourself and others.


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