Today’s Just One Thing is not, strictly speaking, a thing. 

I happened to see the ridiculously hilarious trailer for Cocaine Bear last week. As the name implies, the movie features a bear. And cocaine. A large amount of cocaine. Which the bear consumes.

 As unbelievable as it sounds, this is actually based on a true story. There really was a cocaine bear  – Pablo Escobear – who ingested a large amount of cocaine in 1985. Unlike the trailer, though, there have been no reports of the real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’ going on a rage-fueled rampage in the neighbourhood. 

Instead, investigators found the bear’s body four weeks after he overdosed on what was then estimated to be cocaine with a street value of “several million dollars”.

Newsweek has an interesting read on the bear and what became of him after he OD-ed.

I know today’s post is short. But the trailer for Cocaine Bear more than makes up for it. It is too compelling not to share. And if you’re interested in splurging on some cocaine bear merch, here you go.



PS: Everyone needs a cocaine bear in their lives, don’t they? Share this with everyone you know who has a life.