Pre-pandemic, remote work was considered a no-no, frowned upon by corporates the world over. The managerial assumption was that remote workers will while their time away and not contribute output at the same level as they would in the office. Of course, the pandemic upended that assumption, albeit temporarily. Lots of companies around the world are scrapping their remote work policies and making in-office mandatory. A few others are using a “hybrid” model where you can work remotely, some of the time.

 But if you’re working at a truly progressive workplace, you’re still happily remote with nobody caring whether you work in your pyjamas at 2 AM or in casual chic at 2 PM. 

If you follow our mother company’s blog, you will know we’re all proponents of remote work here.

But one aspect of remote work is that it can get quite lonesome at times. Sure, not everybody wants to sync up with colleagues for a great time online, but some do.

Today’s Just One Thing is for them.

It’s a place called Sprout.

What is Sprout? A video+chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human and fun. No logins or signups needed. And you don’t just get any random, template-generated space. You can make your own by tweaking the CSS, if you’re so inclined. Sprout also allows you to customise what they call Facedocks, which are frames with your face in them. With docks for up to 8 people available, Sprout is the funnest, free-est place for you to game with your friends online or watch something together. Or listen to music. Code your code. Or whatever it is that you want to engage your online pals with.

If you have more than 8 people you want to interact with, it’s more likely that you’re one of those old-school folk for whom interaction only means in-person.

Go ahead. Create your own place. Maybe invite us to join in.



PS: If you know someone who’s online a lot but fits into the all-work-no-play bracket, send this on to them.