Are you getting ready to have yourself a merry little Merry Christmas? Have you ordered your plum cake and wine? Me, I’m just sitting here hoping we all get to see another Christmas on this little blue rock so fine.

Amid all the various calamities out to end our time on Earth – disease, war, overpopulation, hunger, climate change – one that sits high with me is the same one that wiped out our prehistoric ancestors: asteroids.

Ever wonder what it would be like if an asteroid were to actually hit Earth today? Well, wonder no more.

Developer Neal Agarwal has made a site where you can pick any location on the planet to crash an asteroid into. You can even pick the size, velocity, and angle of the asteroid. Then sit back and watch as you see what happens. In. Excruciating. Detail. 

Asteroid Launcher is not the only fun project on Neal’s site, though. When you’re done playing with various doomsday scenarios, try designing the next iPhone. Or spending Bill Gates’ money. Maybe you’d like to see what some of your favourite websites looked like a decade ago. Or look at how quickly we’re birthing babies around the world.



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