I’m part of a family in which the first question asked when we wake up is “what’s for breakfast?” and before breakfast is even over, we wonder, “so, what’s for lunch?”

I think about food a lot. Over time, I’ve engaged with food in many different ways. I eat, obviously. I’m not a vampire. But I’ve also had phases where I’ve been obsessed with cooking, posting about the food I’m cooking, binge-watching food videos (Tasty videos and Babish are especially satisfying), growing my own food, or reading about food.

Once in a while, I’ll meet someone whose approach to food is very functional. Felt hungry, will eat. Pfft. There’s no enthusiasm for chai and pakodas on a rainy day, or for rich Belgian hot chocolate on a winter night. Incomprehensible. 

Food is so central to our daily lives. For starters, well, we gotta eat. But food is also so deeply linked to our culture, politics, economics, nutrition and environment. Whether you care about climate change, social justice, saving money or spending quality time with your family, food finds its way into the conversation. And what people eat, how they procure it, and the time they spend on making and eating it can all say a lot about someone, no?

Today I want to share with you a one-stop shop for all things related to India’s food system. From agriculture to policy, tech and business, Edible Issues curates signs for what the future of food might look like.

If you’ve not given food and food systems much thought thus far, this is a great place to start. Who knows, it might ignite a deeper interest in how your food travels from the ground to your table. 


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