If you’re somewhat close to me in age, you’ll probably agree that adulting can be tough.

It’s not just the money-making, bill-paying, career-building or purpose-finding that’s exhausting. After all, those are just portions of your life. What about everything else?

Lately, I’ve seen myself and others around me finding it harder to live slowly, to find time for all the nothing we want to do. Losing track of time hanging out with friends, pondering for hours on an interesting article, or picking up a new hobby purely for the fun of it.

So many of these “inconsequential” things occupy much less time in our lives and space in our minds. And I think that’s a shame.

So at the risk of being held for newsletter-ception, I want to introduce you to The Balcony.

Short issues about everyday life things. Usually pointing you in the direction of a longer read. My favourites are these about fleeting connections and ugly men.

Posts like these always make me stop. To think, to laugh, to nod in agreement. They’re a welcome interruption to my week. Always wise. Sometimes funny. Occasionally soothing to the occasional mid-20s angst. 

Most importantly, they make me look up from whatever adult thing I’m doing to realise that even if complicated, adulthood isn’t so bad after all.


P.S. Get a friend to sign up for Just One Thing. Let them take a break from adulting to go down some internet rabbit holes!