There is something special about being a ’90s kid (well, late ’80s and early ’90s) because this is the generation of transition. We grew up in mohallas, not in covered campus communities. Gullies were our playgrounds. Rooh Afza and Rasna were our dope. Our parents told teachers to punish and discipline us as they saw fit. We expressed love with mixtapes and recycled with them too. Remember love notes in homework books?

Am I super high on ’90s nostalgia? You bet I am. It was the peak prime of music, movies, gaming and the blossoming of the Internet. And I know it’s not just me reminiscing and wishing I were still a kid. I know at least all of you agree with me, hai na? Cola shooters, Nickolodeon, Nintendo and Gameboy, MJ and Madonnaaaa (pop music), comics, less-corporate – zero zoom calls; what’s not to love?

But there’s one wonderful thing about the Internet age – things here live forever. Okay, maybe not. Damn. But, hey! Look on the bright side; something that used to only live rent-free in our memories now lives on till the end of eternity.

So, take my hand as I walk with you down nostalgia gully (lane). Here, hold my hand.

If you loved what MCU did with WandaVision and suffer, like me, from American sitcom nostalgia, you’re gonna love the vintage experience of channel surfing on My Retro TVs. On The Nostalgia Machine, your music troubles will be swiftly taken care of without interruptions. Well, retro music can’t just be restricted to pop. How about we add some video game music? And some ready-to-download classic DOS games?

I know many my age and even younger who are sick and tired of Oggy and the Cockroaches. But, as we’re always bragging about the cartoons of OUR time and forever looking to introduce them to miniature humans, there are options galore.

The world wide web has it all and even more; with more, I mean a forum to discuss and reminisce with fellow oldies and nostalgia junkies.

I hope you enjoyed my nostalgia dive. For everything else, you’ll have to rely on your rose-tinted glasses.

May the force be with you

If you know another child of the ’80s-’90s who lives in the past, share this email with them. And if you want something specific from the era, write to me. Let’s McFly.