Yesterday, Proiti introduced you to some of her favourite posts from Just One Thing last year. Which is what all of us will be doing all week long. If we miss any of your favourites, write and tell us.

First up, my absolute favourite post of the year came from our guest contributor, Thing. It is everything you wanted to know about emoji, the modern language of communication. But beyond introducing emoji, this post also gives you more reason (if you needed more, that is) to avoid buying a Samsung device.

Then, a delightful segue, shared by Proiti, that allows you, and everybody you know, to scientifically gauge whether or not you are tone deaf. And if you are, this test even tells you by how much. I heartily recommend you take this test before your next gathering of friends or company retreat or any other setting that brings out your inner diva.

Ever since we started Just One Thing, one of my constant comments is about the sheer width and depth of Nikita‘s mindscape. Each one of Nikita’s posts further compounds that astonishment. Since we’re only sharing one post from each of our contributors, I picked this one, a primer on all the tools you’d need to become a “good” ally on the journey towards the annihilation of caste.

Ria is our newest contributor to Just One Thing but having read her work on one of our other newsletters, I know to look forward to Thursdays for a fresh take or a fresh discovery every week. Like this post which introduced me to the magic of Wikipedia but aurally.

Since I’m sharing favourites, I feel like I should share one of my own too. Allow me this indulgencebecause I think everybody should follow Michael Harriot.

And lastly, have you met Karina? Our collective guiding light and the biggest Vincent Van Gogh fanboi ever. It is no surprise then that she knows all the places on the internet where you will find anything there is to find about the artist.

That rounds up my reintroduction to Just One Thing for you. Hope you have a great time exploring these and all the other awesome content we will be bringing you all year round. Have a blessed 2023, and may you never be lost for words.



PS: New year, same old request. Forward this to 10 friends within 10 minutes of receiving this. Bring magic to their mailboxes as well.