Now that 2023 is here, it only makes sense that we’re taking a quick look back at the year that went by so swiftly. Several things happened for me, and the most fun of them all is getting to write for you guys!

So much writing happens around here, so naturally, there is lots to be inspired by. For my first Just One Thing for the year, I’m taking a leaf out of another one of our newsletters!

Something to see:
As if taking in the pujo experience virtually wasn’t enough, Proiti also shared this beautiful virtual tour of the Vatican with us. Since I spent most of 2022 in my hometown, moping about how I want to get out, these posts almost made up for all the travelling I didn’t get to do this year. Almost.

Something to listen to:
I’m all for conversation, stories and music, so I can’t not share this one by Nikita. Not only will it take you down musical memory lane, but the Maed in India podcast will also introduce you to all the Indian indie artists you should be listening to if you want to keep your faith in Indian music.

Something to make you laugh:
Another thing that happened to me this year is that I spent a lot more time on LinkedIn than I ever have before. Before you judge me, I should add that this was not of my own accord. Karina’s thing about a cringey LinkedIn post generator had me in splits, and I couldn’t not bring it back to your inbox.

Some things to do:
And finally, I must reveal myself as a total nerd. Honestly, I love tests. Mostly because I usually do really well on them. Proiti shared with us this tone-deafness test that made me feel the same way I did when I last played Whack-a-Mole. And this Divergent Association Test that Dolly shared? I’m only bringing it up to tell you that I scored 86.74 on it. Higher than 90.45% of people. Ha.

See you next week!


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