I’m not overly fond of dogs. Don’t get me wrong – I think they’re cute and cuddly and all that, but they don’t quite excite me as much as cats do.
But I do think they’re wonderful creatures and fully understand how they’ve earned their “man’s best friend” title.
My family had a dog when I was a kid, who then passed away before I hit my teens. Her name was Puchi, and she was an indie with an ochre coat and a perennial wag on her tail.

We also had a bunch of cats and kittens who eventually died/fled (as many cats do), and then we stopped adopting pets altogether. 

I now fill that hole in my heart with YouTube videos of other people’s pets.

One of my latest favourites is a channel called ‘Girl With The Dogs’, run by a pet groomer who films herself grooming her whimsical clients and with a monotone voiceover as an accompaniment. I love the voiceover for her dry wit and sarcastic humour.

Her clients range from this frantic Alaskan Malamute to this massive but docile Leonberger puppy. Her love for the animals and appreciation for their diverse quirks make for a heartwarming watch. 

You’ll fall in love, I just know it. 


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