2023 has been quite the trip already, eh? There was an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government, there was a ship running aground in the Suez Canal, BMW has launched a car that can change colours over and over and over again, China has joined the rest of the world in “posting” disastrous Covid numbers… and it’s not even the 15th of January yet.

What has kept me most entertained these past few days though has been US politics. Especially the multiple rounds it took for the Republican Party to finally get a Speaker in place.

Which leads me to today’s Just One Thing. Don’t worry… it’s not about politics. One of the most viral moments from the battle to become Speaker in the US Senate was this instance where members of the GOP almost came to blows with each other.

What really amped up the hilarity of this moment though was Twitter account Bad Lip Reading’s captioning for the video. 

I’d previously seen many of Bad Lip Reading’s posts on my timeline but this one made me explore their feed more. 

And I present to you Axe-Assassin Albertson, a YouTube playlist from Bad Lip Reading which is a reimagination from the future of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton. Brilliant work which is sure to have you appreciating the sheer genius that has gone into it, just like the original writer Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.

There are other videos too on Bad Lip Reading’s channel that will have you in splits but maybe I’ll write another post about them. Maybe not.



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