Most of us have a voice in our heads. A mean, resentful, critical voice that berates us for the tiniest of errors. 

“Why did you take that second helping of mango gelato?” 

“Why did you spend four hours re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine instead of finishing The Argumentative Indian?”

“You’re a mess.” 
“You’re not good enough.” 
“You’re a disappointment.”

If we take this voice to be the bearer of truth, we’re all losers, loners and failures. 

But what if I told you there was a science-backed way to refute its claims? 
That you could answer a couple of questions about yourself and identify your character strengths?

No, this isn’t one of those random data collectors masquerading as feel-good personality quizzes on the internet. It’s an actual scientific survey

The VIA Institute on Character, which studies character strengths and how they enhance well-being, devised this survey to provide a customised and in-depth analysis of your results. 

Go find the magic in you. 


P.S. According to the survey, my number one character strength is ‘Love’ (Sigh). What’s yours?

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