Urdu, perhaps the sassiest of all languages, is the life of the party in Indian culture. It’s like the cool cousin that everyone wants to hang out with, spoken and understood, at least in the north and western regions of India. And I am sure you all know that it got a rich history and is all about the literature, art, and music in the region.

Bollywood songs with Urdu lyrics have a way of becoming pesky earworms that won’t go away. I find myself humming a melody that speaks to me anywhere, everywhere. Even at the most inopportune times. But have you ever wondered about the essence of the words you’re humming, particularly the ones in Urdu?  It’s easy to get caught up to get swept away by the melody of a song without truly understanding what it means.

I’m one of those lyrical jassooses (spies) that goes hunting the internet for the meaning of lyrics. It adds many layers of significance to the songs to the songs I love.

If we share the same curiosities here’s something for you – a podcast that opens a magical Urdu word at a time. Yes, it takes a whole episode to get every nuance. 

Fabeha Syed, explains the meaning of the word of the week, its origins, etymology and cultural references. From revolution to romance, she goes deep and broad to give you every nuance and facet. 

If, like me, you believe Urdu is a magical, impossibly romantic language, this is a podcast you just can’t miss.



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