If you remember my last JOT, you’ll know I’ve been thinking about writing – about the what, why and how of it. Well, I still don’t have very many answers, but I do have some people to look to for inspiration.

One of my favourite writers is a YouTuber. A philosophy nerd. An animator. A supremely intelligent and well-read human who somehow has insight into how all of our complicated brains work. And most importantly, he has a way with words. He can craft a meaningful narrative about almost anything. It is my sincerest belief that you could ask him to write about the most banal thing you did today – brushing your teeth, daydreaming, walking to the store – and he would create something brilliant out of it.

Sisyphus55 is my go-to for most things philosophy. He’s part of the reason I know a little something about Nietzsche and I can pretend like I understand Žižek. He can explain anything to you from the self-help gone political phenomenon that is Jordan Peterson to the chaos of Kanye. He uses Donald Glover and Kendrick Lamar to teach existentialism and Donald Trump to elaborate on narcissism.

And for any life event, big or small, that you have ever experienced, he has a video to help you make sense of it. Or at least find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this nonsense of existence. Having a crushhaving an exlosing a petbeing sadbeing happy.

Crucially, he has an answer to the most important question of our times: is Santa real?

I’ll admit, his videos aren’t exactly bright and cheery, but hey, we must imagine Sisyphus happy, right?


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