So I don’t have Instagram.

Or Facebook.

I can barely bring myself to Linkedin.

I visit my places on Reddit ever so often.

And I secretly lurk on Twitter. Everyday.

Or at least I used to until the tyrannical eugenicist brought a gaslighter and set fire to my favourite secret hideout on the Internet and some Tesla stock along with it.

But there really isn’t anywhere on the Internet quite like Twitter. So I’ll keep lurking for while longer. Until the ashes have all blown away.

Which brings me to my thing for today.

Shabaz’s Instagram

Which I found during a particularly depressing doom-scroll on Twitter

There’s no TikTok in India (we can’t have nice things because we won’t elect nice people), so I went looking for his Instagram. Shabaz is a teacher in the UK, and his feed is pure joy. But I won’t spoil it for you. It has to be experienced without an explanation.

I’ll just say this  – for the last week, I’ve been to his Instagram every single day to see his latest posts. [Also, because that’s all Insta lets you see without an account.]

Go get your weekend smiles.

See y’all next week.


P.S. Friends don’t let friends discover things whilst doomscrolling on Twitter. Or god forbid Facebook or even Linkedin. Go tell all yours about us.