Last week, a friend of mine went to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. She went on a jungle safari with her family, and they saw a tiger, a bear AND a leopard. The guide, she said, was beside himself with excitement because this NEVER HAPPENS.

They were incredibly lucky, and when she told me and my friends, the Whatsapp group was filled with messages expressing surprise and blatant jealousy.

Luck seems to favour this particular friend where ever she goes. So much so we’ve even made a special term to describe her luck (which I’ll withhold for her sake). 

Anyway, when she sent us a video of a tiger 20 steps away from their jeep, we collectively lost our minds.

One friend said, “You’re so lucky that if you visit Mauritius, dodos will rise out of extinction and present themselves to you.”

That brings me to today’s Just One Thing: extinction (dark, I know). 

Last month, Reuters produced an illustrated deep dive into animals that have gone extinct in the past five centuries and warned us that 1 million species are on the verge of extinction because of the way we are treating this planet. 

You can read all the details for yourself, I’ll just leave you with the image of taking a jungle safari to see a sparrow. How would that make you feel?


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