World Cup 2022 probably conjures up images of the FIFA men’s football tournament for you. Maybe, if you’re in one of the few countries that play cricket, maybe it was the women’s or men’s World Cup that rang a bell for you.

I’m willing to bet (50 bucks) that it was not the Microsoft Excel World Cup you had in mind.

Yes, the Microsoft Excel World Cup is a real tournament which is streamed live on ESPN and YouTube. And it involves actual human players facing off against each other, flexing their Excel fingers.

You can watch the 2022 finals here, where Excel’s own Lionel Messi, Andrew Ngai, defended his title in the closest of finals against Brittany Deaton. As close as Argentina’s triumph over France in the men’s football World Cup.

And if you want to know more about the event, visit the organiser’s website, and you can even sign up to participate in the next World Cup at just $50 a pop.

If you do participate, here’s a tip: INDEX MATCH trumps VLOOKUP. Thank me later.

Go ahead. Nerd out. 



PS: Know an Excel champ or two? Forward this to them and make their World Cup dreams come true.