Friday has come to be a weird day for me.
Not just because it’s my day for Just One Thing.  
The weekend is nigh – Yay!
Immunosuppressant injectable time – Blerrrgh

So instead of getting my highs from weekend shenanigans, I now spend all Saturday and most of my Sunday in bed, curtains drawn, feeling like I’m on a pockmarked, deflated dinghy somewhere in the middle of a raging, angry sea. 

Still, it’s better than having my immune system eviscerate my body systematically, so I’ll take the day and a half of feeling like garbage on a rollercoaster any day, please and thank you.

Reddit has become my weekend Friday [IYKYK]. There is so much I have learnt about the world on Reddit. Some of it I really wish I hadn’t – but the Traffic Scotland Gritter Tracker isn’t one of them.

Scotland names their salt spreader trucks, y’all. 

And you can actually track them online.

They have some hilarious names. 
Spready Van Halen
Sweet Child O’ Brine 😭
Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
Spready Mercury
I came, I thaw, I conquered

Go take a look. Bookmark for when you’re having one of them days. ♥️ 

Muchest love,


What would you name a salt spreader if you could? Write and tell me. Make my weekend. 

I’d call mine Salty Williams or Eddie Spreadie.