It’s Book Fair season here in Kolkata! 

Every year in Jan/Feb, the publishers’ guild hosts the Boi Mela, i.e. the International Kolkata Book Fair, for two weeks in one of the city’s major fairgrounds. 

Currently, in its 46th year, it’s the world’s largest non-trade book fair, attracting millions of readers, writers, artists and casual wanderers.

The book fair is a highlight in the city’s cultural calendar. It reminds me every single year that buying a book and reading a book are two entirely different hobbies (I type as the rows and rows of half-read books bought from book fairs of yore glare at me from my shelf). 

Which brings me to my thing for today – What Should I Read Next, a portal where you can enter the titles of books you liked and receive specific reading suggestions based on your taste. 

Happy reading.


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