How’s the week been? Didja give or get strawberries and heart-shaped balloon on Tuesday? No? Neither did I. I baked a cake though.

But enough with my culinary overtures.

Today’s Just One Thing is about a brand-led initiative which is not something I ever expected to write in Just One Thing. However, with Valentine’s Day and all, this feels apt. Also apt is this particular brand’s association with this particular theme and how well they’ve pulled it off.

What? You want me to move on to the heart of the matter already? Well, okay then. Without much ado, I present to you Love For All, toothpaste maker Close-Up’s space that celebrates love in all forms.

Queer love, trans love, inter-caste love… this site has stories from across the spectrum. Stories that otherwise are considered taboo in society. For a large corporation like Unilever and a large brand like Close-Up, this is quite a departure from their otherwise play-it-safe approach to consumer outreach.

Anyway, pay a visit. Maybe get an NFT of your marriage certificate. Read about how other couples in love overcame challenges in pursuit of their love.

Have a great weekend.



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