If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

I have a thing for Weirdos. You know, people who march to the tune of their own little drum. The ones regular folk find a little odd. People. Just. Like. Me.

Which is possibly why Lewis Caroll’s Alice books were my favourite reads growing up. Reading them as an adult gave me so much more. Alice gave me the confidence to be ME. So much so that I got my favourite Alice quote tattooed in the shape of a March Hare on my person. How’s that for committed love?

And I’m not the only one fascinated by Alice. For a Victorian protagonist, Alice still influences our imagination muchly. From art and the making of tchotchkes to movies that blew our collective minds. There are quite a few of these Alice-inspired movies, actually.

My favourite Alice finds on the internet are two utterly delicious movies, quite unlike Tim Burton’s psychedelic tilt that I would watch again only for Helena Bonham Carter. W. W. Young’s Alice in Wonderland (1915) is an Alice to keep children from having bad dreams, not one to shake them awake with a new, dangerous look at the world.

And then there’s this 1949 Dallas Bower theatrical version which features “a combination of live characters and stop-motion animation.”

There are days I’m glad I was given access to Wonderland only in my early twenties. On others, I’m mildly resentful. So many rabbit holes to fall down; not enough time.

Speaking of which, I hope you’re enjoying our little rabbit hole of a newsletter. At least as much as Nikita, Proiti, Dolly, and I enjoy writing for you. And like the Mad Hatter, we’ll always take more than nothing – so tell us what you think. Better yet, forward this to a friend. Or 20.

Much love,


P.S. Between me writing this and shipping it, Proiti introduced me to this delectable interactive app (only for iOS, unfortunately) that uses Dutch and Flemish Renaissance art to “visually reveal the many political, historical, philosophical, and social layers of this tale.” WEEKEND SORTED.