I’ve previously advocated several times for a switch from Google to DuckDuckGo as your preferred choice of search engine. Not just because it delivers a better quality of search results in the long term but also because it saves you from getting locked into an echo chamber.

One of the things I love about DuckDuckGo is how they’re constantly tweaking and adding tiny new upgrades that make the search experience more rewarding. One of those recent additions is what today’s post is about.

My day job requires me to search for synonyms and also rhyming words because of a weird editorial insistence on rhymes at certain times. And that search, over time, became simpler because DuckDuckGo integrated Big Huge Thesaurus into their search. Now, Big Huge Thesaurus, to be fair, is yet another online thesaurus which by itself wouldn’t have qualified it for Just One Thing status. 

But Big Huge Thesaurus is not just another online thesaurus. It also has a very nifty story idea generator. And then you reach its parent site, Big Huge Labs. And boy, is it ever so huge!

From a zero-clutter writing interface to all kinds of Flickr tools and games, this lab is the only place you’d need to make your Flickr fun. Or just to have fun while killing time on a Friday afternoon.

Go ahead. Make something huge.



PS: If you know others in dire need of Friday distractions, point us their way. Wordsworth will bless.