Did you play monopoly as a child? We had one of the OG Monopoly boards with these exotic and posh-sounding places like Angel Islington and Park Avenue and Marylebone Station. I remember arguing with my Mum about the correct pronunciation of Leicester Square (FYI, it’s pronounced Lester, she was right). I remember feeling like the bees knees with my ruthless real estate plays and piles of cash; my unfiltered glee at being richer than Richie Rich. Sadly, Monopoly is the closest I’ve ever come to being obscenely rich. My parents were also bolshy socialists and it rubbed off.

I’d planned to send you something else today. But then this morning as I read another story about wealth creation in the age of Covid and I remembered this link and decided to share. It’s a spectacular illustration of where you stand on the wealth scale.

Click. Scroll right to the end. Right to the very, very, very, very end. Sobering, no? Now go get that much-deserved drink with a side of indignant outrage. 😉

Thank you for reading ♥️


P.S. If you have a friend who needs a reality check, forward this email to them? Jeff will bless.