I want to tell you about possibly the coolest find you’ll ever receive via this newsletter – Emojipedia.

Imagine you want to send an important text but don’t want to use words because, well, they’re boring. In times like these, Emojipedia helps because it gives you the definition of every single emoji in pretty much every major software and app, along with the date Unicode approved them.

What’s more, you can even see what each emoji looks like for different companies, so if the person you’re texting owns a Samsung, maybe don’t text them with an emoji (Samsung emojis are ugly).

What’s more, you can even search for different theme-related emojis, like festivals or seasons. You can also learn about the different interpretations of emojis, how some can be racist, or why World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17. Finally, you can stay up to date with all the latest emoji news because, dude, why wouldn’t you want to?

That’s it, I guess. If you want to write back to me ⌨️ with a top-secret code 🚫 where each letter is represented with an emoji that starts with that letter, that would be awesome πŸ’―.

[Insert a really smart sign-off],

Your friend,
Pencil [because Just One Thing. Geddit? Geddit?]

Have πŸ‘― who just can’t stop using πŸ€“s? ⏩ this to them. I will πŸ™πŸ½.