I spend more than 50% of my day staring at screens (my work demands it), and I’ve made it a habit to look away every now and again. There’s a beautiful lake right outside my window that connects seamlessly to the ocean.

Do your thoughts ever wander to what lies beneath the scary seas?

Humanity’s explorations into space have led to the discovery of about the same amount of visible universe as the oceans. And while we haven’t found signs of life beyond our tiny blue-green planet, scientists have proved there’s life underwater.

There’s also about $771 trillion of unretrievable gold; enough to hand each person on Earth about 4 kilograms (now, wouldn’t that be a treat?). But getting to this treasure is quite the obstacle course.

Time to stop looking out my window then and get back to work.


P.S. Put this message in a bottle and send it across the seas to a friend. Just kidding, don’t throw bottles into the sea. It’s simple enough to forward Just One Thing.