Did you read the recent news where the World Health Organisation said more than a billion people in the world have some kind of mental health condition? And unfortunately, not many of these people have access to help, whether pharmacological or therapeutic. Have you tried therapy? I can recommend it. It works. And it is good for you. Honestly, therapy should be included in the mandatory vaccination schedule that most countries have.

But today’s mail isn’t about therapy. Or even mental health. At least not directly. It is about music. Or maybe about sleep. Because one of the consequences of mental health conditions is an inability to sleep. Even without the added baggage of mental health, insomnia is the most common sleep disorder on the planet. A recent study concluded that the UK alone has more than 23 million people who have insomnia. And this number is going to go up. Because climate change is also causing insomnia. Covid causes insomnia. Stress causes insomnia.

Insomnia has actually become big business. There are drugs to treat it. Apps to treat it. Even a $57,000 pillow to help you sleep.

One of the oft-recommended suggestions to facilitate better sleep is white noise. And there are all kinds of apps you can download that will generate ambient noise to help you sleep. But those apps are not what today’s mail is about either.

So finally, with much ado, allow me to introduce you to Earth.FM.

Want to sleep listening to the calming sounds of the Brazilian rainforest? Check.
How about hopping over to the Australian outback? Check.
Want to make your own custom playlist of nature sounds? Check.

And yes, it has whale sounds too.

And you don’t even need to install any apps. Use your desktop or mobile browser. Click play. Go to sleep. Simple.

Thanks for reading


PS: If you know somebody who could do with a good night’s rest, forward this to them. Hypnos will bless.