Ever been front and centre in a ghost story?


You might want to check this one out.

Made up of thousands of tiny, anonymous, user-generated videos including yours, Motto.io tells the story of September in an interactive format that is a ghost story and scavenger hunt all rolled into one. The footage you are invited to upload so you can also participate is anonymised and woven into the fabric of the story. It allows you to seek as much as you see.

It is a storytelling technique as old as time that uses contemporary Internet video vernacular – Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Made exclusively for mobile so it can juxtapose your experiences with random user footage and embed you into the narrative.

A mirror that isn’t. Just like real life.


P.S. Embed yourself into our story. Tell a friend or 200 about Just One Thing. I’ll wake you up when September ends.