Vincent and I go back a long way.

Vincent was one of my favourite songs as a child. It took me a while (longer than I’m comfortable admitting) to make the connection between the Vincent in Don Maclean’s poignant lyrics, the artist haunted by demons in Lust for Life, Irving Stone’s biography and my much-treasured postcard of the saddest looking bunch of sunflowers I’d ever seen. They didn’t have Google in my bacchpan, okay. All our aha moments came to us the hard, painful way.

One of my bucket list items is the Van Gogh immersive experience. Imagine walking through the swirling, glorious impressionist fields of Vincent’s sky. I want nothing more than to fall asleep cocooned by those stars. Someday, Vincent. Someday.

There’s a Starry Night Interactive animation by Artof01 on the App Store and Google Play which is a lot of fun. If you’d rather not download another app, you can zoom into The Starry Night at the MOMA on Google Arts and Culture.

Not the same thing, but good enough for a weekend of self-care.

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