The BBC has one of the best archives I’ve ever come across. One of those labyrinthine rabbit holes you can disappear into for hours at a time. They have some fascinating collections and some really cool videos from ancient times about model train gauges and gaming to Spanish dancers from Hackney named Ron Hitchens.

Everything is arranged brilliantly, with some spectacular curated collections and one on their royal family. It’s an extensive archive, so don’t be surprised if you start with a story about Erika Bruce, Britain’s number one cat memorabilia collector and suddenly find yourself listening to a report on Swedish sausage smuggling. There are Cambridge spies and even an interview with Agatha Christie.

Dive in. It’s a brilliant look into a world that no longer exists. I want to know how you tracked so send me a link to your favourite video.

Thank you as always for reading.

Karina ♥️

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