I saw Spiderhead on Netflix recently. Chris Hemsworth as a deranged pharma bro, is spectacular in the role. Honestly, Chris Hemsworth should do way more negative roles (oops, sorry for the spoiler) because he’s consistently excellent in them. Watch Bad Times at the El Royale for further proof.

Another thing these two movies have in common is an excellent soundtrack. Different moods but killer soundtracks. And that is what today’s Just One Thing is about.

Not soundtracks but the absolute best website to identify the song you just heard in a movie: the aptly named TuneFind.

And it’s not just movies. What makes TuneFind great is that it gives you episode-wise track listings for most of the shows you watch. Maybe you want all the Kate Bush wonders from the newest season of Stranger Things. Or perhaps the sensationally good Watchmen soundtrack is what you’re after. Or that song you loved but couldn’t Shazam it in a crowded, maskless movie hall. TuneFind is where you need to go.

And if you think TuneFind will only give you a track listing, think again. It tells you (for most shows and movies) the specific scene during which a particular track was played.

And the beauty part: they don’t have an app. It is an entirely browser-based service. I must confess I did spend a lot of time agonising over TuneFind’s lack of apps, but now I realise it is way better to not have yet another app on your device.

I’ve been using TuneFind for years now and have seen it evolve into what I think is one of the best UGC platforms ever. And it is not just for the track listings. There are excellent finds in the comments sections too. Recently, they’ve even started linking tracks to Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and even Amazon Music so you can immediately add your finds to your preferred music service. Although if Amazon Music is what you get your music kicks on, we shall have words later.

In the meantime, if a song is niggling at you, you know where to go.


But before you go, lend me your ears. Please tell Just One Friend (or 2000) about Just One Thing.