Last Friday, I went to the doctor for a condition I’ve had for a couple of years. He heard me out, went through older prescriptions issued by other doctors and gave me a new pill to add to my existing routine. I asked him to explain to me what the pill does – how will my body react to it? How long will it take for the pill to work? How long do I have to keep taking it? He explained the basics to me, and I left the hospital with a slightly better understanding of my body. But as a person who was once diagnosed with a condition called “obsessive rumination”, I didn’t stop there, obviously.

I googled the pill in the hopes of learning more about its impact. As we all know by now – this was not a good idea. It led me down a medical rabbit hole I wished I hadn’t burrowed myself in. This got me thinking – we know so little about our own bodies.

I, for one, have only a vague idea of things like digestion, respiration, sleeping, etc. High school biology was ages ago, and I’m not the sort of person who reads up on topics like this.

But I watch a lot of YouTube, and I’m always wandering on the web.

I found a medical animation channel where I learnt how food is turned into poo and how alcohol impacts the brain.

For more in-depth understanding, there’s Innerbody, a free educational resource that helps you learn about your anatomy in great detail and in simple language.

After the pandemic, it feels like everyone and their uncle is obsessed with health and healthcare. I think the first step – before we obsess over illnesses and medicines and diets and immunity boosters – is to understand what is happening inside us.

Happy exploring!


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