How’s your week going? Thursdays are weird, aren’t they; the weekend close enough to smell the Diet Coke, yet far enough you need the patience pipe.

I went on a YouTube bender a couple of days ago, spurred on by something Proiti said, and it got me thinking about my happy place video. You know, something you can watch over and over without tiring of it.

I could only think of one – Sarah Kay’s rendition of B; which is what this incredibly beautiful spoken word poem was called in 2007 when Sarah first wrote and performed it. You can see that first glimmer of her genius in this early video that Twitter sent my way. Sarah’s poem was all the more powerful to me because I was making my daughter at the time. This early reading is four years before the 2011 Ted Talk that made Sarah world everyone’s spoken word darling. That year she also published B, a hard-bound edition of her poem. My copy lives in my “grab in case of fire” box. (I take it out for a read ever so often.) I remember buying one for every friend who had a daughter. I have loved Sarah ever since.

As happy place videos go, this wedding dance comes a distant second. Then there’s Nick Offerman drinking whisky. He says nothing. For 45 minutes. Just sips and smiles his Offerman smile. Yet it’s one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen on the Internet. See it for yourself.

What’s your happy video? Hit Reply and send it to me. Make my Thursday.

Much love,


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