How do you feel about endings? We’re taught to see endings as loss, as tragedy, as failure. But endings can also be spaces of peace, closure and regeneration, right?

Does anything ever end on the internet, though? Does anything ever die? Or is it just stored somewhere on a server, even after you press ‘Delete’?

This email, for example. It’ll be in your inbox until you put it in the trash. And then it’ll stay there until you empty your trash. Even then, it’ll still be up on Just One Thing.

But if you wanted to end something for real? To kill a file for good and bury it in an internet graveyard?

Death/Null allows you to lay your files to rest and even builds a digital gravestone for you to commemorate what you lost.

I don’t quite understand how it works (tech ain’t my thang), but you’re welcome to figure it out yourself. I just enjoy the squiggly colours and the feeling that I’ve buried a body (I have a feeling that I could kill people – if pushed beyond my limits).

Happy gravedigging!