I discovered bite-sized foods a couple of days ago. Yes, yes, I’m aware bite-sized foods exist in every culture, from hors d’oeuvres and petit fours to tapas and bitings. Their commercial implications in an era of fruitflyitis dawned on me a couple of days ago.

Our capacity to pay attention to anything for longer than a few minutes is spawning a whole range of useful doodahs. What that says for our future as a species, I don’t know, but it sure as hell won’t matter anyway. Al Gore gets to say I told you so.

But I digress.

Bite-sized foods. Bite-sized newsletter.

We launched this newsletter, Nikita, Proiti, Dolly and I to share our discoveries on the Internet with you. Short. Delightful. Finds from the wasteland of the Internet. Some old. Some new. Some jaded. Some eww.

And just like that, we’re 50 today.

And we’re SO pleased you stuck around to watch us grow and stumble and pick ourselves up and grow some more. What a privilege it is to have you read us!

Are we your oasis in the wasteland of the Internet yet? Your daily nugget of quirky fun. Something you knew nothing about or a perspective you hadn’t considered?

If we are any of those things, we’re glad. Thank you for staying with us on this journey. We will scour the nethers of the Internet and find you Just One Thing for as long as you want us to.

Muchest love,

Proiti, Nikita, Dolly and Karina

P.S. Because we appreciate you SO much, here are 42 interesting things from the Internet. Why 42? Because it is the answer to life, the universe. Everything. ♥️

  1. Brandon, a narrative art project.
  2. Jodi, a digital intervention that subverts tech ideologies.
  3. Dollspace, a web labyrinth for a doll and her orphan words to haunt.
  4. Bindi Girl, a web-based commentary on the sexualisation of South Asian women.
  5. The International Encyclopaedia of the First World War.
  6. Jan Brueghel The Elder, a complete catalogue.
  7. A black couple in 2039, quarantined together as kids, read letters left by their families during the pandemic, our present.
  8. The second most-subscribed sports YouTube channel started by fluke.
  9. If you can’t go to the Louvre, experience its art on your screen
  10. Ethan Chlebowski‘s excellent home cooking.
  11. Great Art explained.
  12. An experimental 1929 Soviet silent part documentary and part cinematic art.
  13. Samsara, a nonverbal documentary and outstanding cinematic experience
  14. Originally at Josh’s home on the Internet, today everybody’s favourite daily obsession.
  15. Casefile for crime junkies. Fact is scarier than fiction.
  16. Want something darker than Criminal?
  17. Our favourite fake-news busters.
  18. Scientific exploration and discovery at Smarter Every Day.
  19. Jack Guinness’ Queer Bible is a database of queer characters who changed the world through activism, art, performance and more.
  20. Ty Deran‘s entertaining, educational, and queer-affirming content.
  21. The India Cable with news from around India, particularly stuff MSM won’t cover.
  22. Colombia-made fitness app that the pandemic propelled to #1.
  23. TheKoreanVegan’s delicious TikTok feed or Instagram (if your country has banned TikTok).
  24. A list of text-only news sites.
  25. Evil Genius.
  26. The Bayeux tapestry online.
  27. Two hours of Sesame Street songs.
  28. No knead bread.
  29. The Noun project – icons and photos for everything.
  30. Anti-racism resources.
  31. Made by James.
  32. Khabar Lahariya, India’s only rural, women-led media collective, with a digital-only rural news channel.
  33. Aamer’s fledgling podcast.
  34. News from, well, the rest of the world.
  35. Background sounds that mask annoying noises to keep you sane.
  36. A podcast trying to undefine traditional roles and traits of masculinity
  37. Simply Save talks to millennials and first-time investors about navigating the stock market.
  38. Be my eyes.
  39. If you loved Fleabag.
  40. A fast and easy way to create machine learning models and a collection of experiments for everyone to learn from home.
  41. Coolor palette generator.
  42. Impact investing.