Are you one of those people who wants to exercise but hates gyms? Or maybe age or illness has limited your ability to work out? Or maybe the whole lifting weights and doing crunches and spinning around is just not your thing?

But if you really, really want to work out, I have just the thing for you today.

Let me take you to the land of Tiger Tails, maple syrup, and the greatest fitness motivator ever, Justin Agustin.

He gained fame on Instagram not too long ago for his series of quick and easy workouts that really get people who can’t move to move.Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition that makes working out difficult or you just haven’t worked out in a while, Justin Agustin will get you moving. His workouts are easy, need no equipment and can be done wherever you are.

He has monthly challenges on his app to give you that extra motivation. Not to become the next great bodybuilder but to become the best possible version of yourself. And on days you’re just not feeling it, he can help with that too.

With Justin, it’s not just about movement, though. He has tips for sleeping better, the occasional recipe, and general good cheer that we could all do with more of. The world needs a smile and Justin’s is one of the brightest.


P.S. If you know someone who could do with a little more movement, ask them to sign up for Just One Thing. We move people. Sometimes.