I’ll be frank from the beginning: I’m sharing something dark and morbid today. Look, it’s Monday. So a lot of you are probably in a dark and morbid mood anyway.

But the project I’m sharing today – it’s not dark and morbid in an “I hate waking up early and going to work” kind of way.

It has a “the world as we know it is on the brink of collapse” vibe.

I’m talking about a website that lets you explore how a nuclear blast would affect a particular location. Any location. You can let them identify your current location or enter a location of your choice, and the website shows you the blast radius, fatalities, and injuries based on the kind of bomb.

We usually think of nuclear blasts as a threat faced by Other People™️. But this project, created by the Outrider, a non-profit that produces commentary on global political issues, forces us to confront the fact that we could be in the line of fire too.

I’ll bid you goodbye with that thought. Sorry if I made your Monday worse, but I couldn’t not share this.


P.S. If you’ve been reading the postscripts, you’ll know that we usually connect the thing we’ve written about with a request to share Just One Thing with everyone you know. But today’s email is about nuclear blasts, so a request on top of that would be horribly inappropriate. Just send them love and hugs instead. We’re on the precipice of annihilation in any case.