Did you work out today? Most probably not. Yeah, I know that feeling.

Do you know who else can empathise? Neila Rey.

Neila Rey who? Just your regular, everyday struggler with self-image and depression who channelled all that negative energy into physical fitness.

She started her website neilarey.com with a set of easy to moderate fitness routines targeting various body parts with printable worksheets, challenges, and at-home workouts for everybody to follow along.

What started off as a one-person exercise (hehe) two years later morphed into Darebee, the absolute best online resource for all things fitness. No ads, no product placements… just routine after routine that you can follow or mix up at home all by yourself. No equipment needed. And for all levels. Easy, moderate, advanced… whatever stage you’re at in your fitness journey, Darebee has a level to match.

And not just exercise routines. Darebee now also has meal plans, guides, recipes, logs, events, themes, challenges and a whole lot more to keep you fit and motivated.

Completely user funded and with a whole host of dedicated community members all around the world, Darebee also offers a few free apps (for Android only). And their funding status is always mentioned online. Honestly, I’ve never seen their funding status at anything other than Very Low. Which begets the question: are online communities not as supportive with their wallets as they’re with their words? But the answer for that is likely the topic for another Just One Thing.

For today, visit Darebee, find your inner warrior, and support them if you’d like to.



PS: And you can support Just One Thing too by simply asking your friends and family to sign up. They won’t even need to do any crunches or sit-ups.

PPS: If you’re looking for the absolute best recipe featuring zucchini, look no further. And swap the flour with almond meal for an even healthier version.