One of my favourite things to do in any city is walk. Put on my walking shoes and walk. Not to explore so much as to enjoy the freedom to walk. Aimlessly. Without purpose. No pressure. See the sights, and take in the sounds and smells. My Docs and Cats are intimate with many sidewalks.

I live in Mumbai. Walking here isn’t so much walking as navigating an obstacle course.

Wandering aimlessly is one of the things I miss muchly from my travelling days. As did Aristomenis Georgiopoulos and Artemis Stiga.

Their reason for not being able to wander though, was Covid. This lovely little website lets you virtually wander cities around the world. Pick your city, time of day, and lockdown status. And walk. Listen to the sounds. Take it all in. You can even do a group walk with your friends. It’s not the real thing… but it is a welcome substitute. So they built Citywalks for everybody who misses aimless walkies.

One thing, though, you can lose complete track of time, so go walking on a weekend?

Tomorrow, maybe?

Happy walking y’all.


P.S. What’s your favourite walking song? This one’s mine. Have you told a friend about Just One Thing today? If you have, thank you. ♥️